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''...personifies multiculturalism''.” - Rolling Stone Magazine

EveryNowHere aka T.L. Mazumdar has been nominated for national awards and called ''...a major talent'' by the likes of Jack Douglas (Producer: John Lennon, Miles Davis, etc.). 

A quintessential Third Culture Kid and nomad, his music celebrates the acceptance of a blur of constantly changing backdrops as 'home' and the shedding of socio-cultural baggage to reveal stories closer to the truth of the human condition. 

''Standing at 1500m above sea level on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with Venus and the stars above me, it felt easier to be reminded that I didn’t exist. I have never belonged. And tonight it felt ok''. 


''I'm 'German' of 'South Asian' ancestry who thinks he's a Londoner and grew up on middle-eastern food under a dictatorial government not knowing what it was.

There is no box for me. Or my music.''

To try and classify Singer-Songwriter/Keyboardist/Composer-Producer T.L. Mazumdar might just be missing the whole point.

A life spent growing up in North Africa, UK, India and Germany. A head thinking in four different languages. And a musical background spent with musicians who would never share a stage together.

''When you spend your formative years with constantly changing backdrops, you realise at some point, that you'll always be at home and out of place everywhere. Music was the only constant companion. One which made sense no matter what the backdrop was.''

Born to a young couple of doctors fond of travelling, Mazumdar left India at the tender age of seven months to spend the next years of his life living between Libya, UK, Mainland Europe, and India. 

''My parents were first-generation Indian Citizens who didn't know they were walking into a dictatorship when they moved to Libya with a 7-month-old baby. It took them 5 years to figure it out in a pre-internet era, before they fled to Europe.

It was only when I found myself standing in the middle of a Kolkata classroom much later in India as an adolescent, everyone laughing at my London accent that I realized that I was 'home' to a foreign country. Much more foreign than what family holidays had ever prepared me for. A decade later my German friends would call me 'Apu' because they thought I was speaking  Indian English. One which I had worked so hard to learn to fit in with my Kolkata clique . These days my Brit friends say I'm too 'German'. Apparently, I 'take everything too seriously'. ‘’

A natural nomad based between Germany, India, the UK, and more recently Lisbon, T.L. Mazumdar has been called ''among a handful of Indian musicians who are trying to break the Western stereotype that they have to play sitars or tablas, or sing Bollywood and bhangra numbers'' (Time-Out Magazine)

Nominated for the German National Award 'Bremer Jazzpreis 2012' and 'Future Sounds Jazz Award 2014., in the past decade, his journey has spanned a spectrum as diverse as Bangla-Rock bands, international Jazz-Festivals in Asia and Europe, concerts for 14 million viewers on National TV with a Grammy Winning artist, and collaborations with award-winning Platinum Producers and musicians from Europe, UK, and the US. 6-figure composition commissions for film and theater, being included on India's first official Anthology of Indian Electronic Artists (with the likes of Talvin Singh, Nitin Sawhney, and Karsh Kale), being called the 'only Germany-based representative of Indian electronic music' (IMC Radio, Hamburg) .. these are but an ongoing addition to a journey that continues to expand into a musical universe that lives for the inherent love for unity in diversity.

''This is my life. Bringing worlds together. The dreamer and the nerd. The cerebral and intuitive. The skeptic and the believer. The lost and found. In most people's world, it's romance-meets-passion. In mine, it's survival strategy-turned-purpose.''


''Difficult to say what earns this musician more admiration: his soulful singing and sovereign Arrangements? How effortlessly he handles his keyboards and electronics? Or the stylistic independence, with which the different worlds he travels free of dissent are brought and melted together nonchalantly…unique and unpretentious..'' --- Badische Zeitung, Germany

“Combination of intellect and intuition..among a handful of Indian musicians who are trying to break the Western stereo­type that they have to play sitars or tablas, or sing Bollywood and bhangra numbers...shows production skills that a veteran would be proud of.”--- TimeOut India


''Reverting from conscious acceptance and amber warnings of stillness, A fabulous ensemble of artful insolence, in the things that make one’s place.'' -- Come Here Floyd (US) 

''....heady stuff.... Improvisation sparked off by completely random audience interaction...bloody magical.''--- NME India

''Aufregend und einfach unerhört gut''-- Jury, Bremer Jazzpreis 2012


''...personifies multi-culturalism ''. --Rolling Stone Magazine


''...beautifully crafted and produced...a major talent.''--- Jack Douglas (Producer: John Lennon, The Who, Miles Davis, Aerosmith etc.)”

''...sounds like Stevie Wonder on acid!'' -- Rez Abbasi

''The only Germany-based representative of Indian Electronic music''---IMCRadio Hamburg

“..multi-faceted, multi-talented and encompasses everything that is fresh and contemporary in the music business today”---
Blue Frog, Mumbai

“''The earliest pioneer of the fringe and experimental side of electronic music in Kolkata''.”--- HUB - Indian Electronica Yearbook Project

''..charismatischen Ausnahmemusiker'' --