'Vignette' : Debut Solo Piano Album Out Now

Vignette: T.L. Mazumdar aka EveryNowHere  Press Release. 

‘It’ll be over soon’. 

Two weeks after I made it back to my teaching gig in Germany on one of the last flights from London, the world went silent…


Light Of Hope : Worldwide Release

Last year same time, I was signed to a label I loved in California, living and doing what I love amidst multiple countries and cities I loved and spending quality time with my loved ones preparing for a new year…

Dear Germany, (A Letter From A Coloured Countryman).

Handed to me at the BLM Protest in #Mannheim , Germany.

So there’s good news and bad news. And I’m going to make the kind of stereotypical presumption this letter is supposed to be protesting against, by saying that knowing…


Friend from college Lucas posted #coronabeats in Berlin. We collabed. Here’s what went down.

Stay safe. 


Fun facts if you're still reading: 'Still We Shiver' belongs to a catalog of songs i've never released and only…

Nobody Here : US/Worldwide Release

In the midst of a global pandemic and on my birthday, I released my most personal song as EveryNowHere.  

The official video for this song was a collaboration with Kolkata Based artist #tattvamasi , with whom I share a…

Rainy Day : US/Worldwide Release

''If  T.L. Mazumdar’s debut single as EveryNowHere ‘Standing Still’ was the producer-composer singer-songwriter’s most sophisticated offering, his latest release ‘Rainy Day’ takes that newly found sophistication and strips it down to just the essential basic elements to create a concoction

Still We Shiver : New Exclusive Release.



For a guy who's relationship with music traces itself to a slightly (if unknowingly) desperate attempt at clinging onto something constant amidst a blur of changing backdrops that was home, the effect that some of these points in space…




If I may share a little personal tribute. To twelve years of a childhood spent in India. Old friends who would translate and teach me songs in a mother tongue I learnt as a foreigner in school halls.…

Rhythm is a Chancer.

A few years ago, while on the flight back from the UK on a family visit, I picked up a copy of Songlines magazine. Running through the ever-so-slightly presumable palette of world music on the sampler CD included while…