Still We Shiver : New Exclusive Release.



For a guy who's relationship with music traces itself to a slightly (if unknowingly) desperate attempt at clinging onto something constant amidst a blur of changing backdrops that was home, the effect that some of these points in space and time leave a mark more defined than others. 

The island of El Hierro counts as one of them without a shadow of doubt. Cradled in the Atlantic ocean, the tiniest of the Canary island is a UN biosphere, powered completely by solar energy and home to roughly 10,000 inhabitants who never lock the the doors on their homes or cars. 

And once a year, artists, scientists, thinkers, healers and just generally good people from all over the globe travel here as delegates of the Bimbache openART Festival, handpicked and curated carefully by Artistic Director, the somewhat legendary Torsten De Winkel

This was my third year as resident artist in El Hierro. And justice to the experience with medium of words is a bit of a lost cause I should avoid getting mixed up in. But I would like to share an excerpt from my solo spot at the final concert. The thousand- strong crowd that quietened down to take the journey with me is one of the most touching gifts I have ever received and an apt summary of general state of affairs during my time there. I leave this island always with a heart heavy with a bunch of emotions I spend the rest of the year processing. So I can go back for more. 

Please click on the video below for the live video of this song. 

Much love. 

T.L. // EveryNowHere 


P.S. (I recommend using headphones and switiching to HD while viewing).