Light Of Hope : Worldwide Release

Last year same time, I was signed to a label I loved in California, living and doing what I love amidst multiple countries and cities I loved and spending quality time with my loved ones preparing for a new year with my first live endeavours in the US and greater Asia. 

Today, the label’s gone, the rosters transformed and I’m back on my own all indie having spent most of the year isolated and stranded in a town I feel completely alien in with three cancelled tours, part of an industry that isn’t considered ‘system-relevant’ by my passport government along with the only other thing I have been passionate about : healing (the root of the word ‘health’). For which my personal tools have been working out and martial arts. 

Luxury problems, I know. 

I took a while to figure out if releasing another song made sense. Cos apparently music is not ‘relevant’. 

But then this is a song I have personally found a lot of solace creating in. It’s the last song from my EP / Current body of work titled #Re_movement 

The video is made by someone I have a very deep history with. It’s based on childhood memories with my mum and family. Documented by my fathers analog photography. Both of whom are senior-citizen doctors who have been working non-stop throughout the pandemic in the world's most densely populated country. 

I felt all of these factors deserved a proper tribute. 

So here we are. 

If you feel my work and/or that of my colleagues are relevant in these times, I’d be very grateful if you went and followed me on my channels, streamed the song and followed me on Spotify and spread the word. 

If not, that’s ok too. In case you read this far, I wish you all the very best. No matter what your political, spiritual, scientific, medical or sociological views are. 

I believe ‘the future is bright and positive’. I always will. 

I hope the song gets that message across.