Nobody Here : US/Worldwide Release

In the midst of a global pandemic and on my birthday, I released my most personal song as EveryNowHere.  

The official video for this song was a collaboration with Kolkata Based artist #tattvamasi , with whom I share a vision of spreading awareness for a theme whose relevance still seems underrated.  

‘’As I sat there watching the walls close in on the vacuum that was my insides, I remember a brief moment of humour. A chuckle with myself. At the irony of how this experience felt like a far cry from the proverbial emptiness of my cup that had often been the goal of all my years of meditation and similar spiritual practices. But this didn’t feel like transcendence. It was hopelessness. Looking back it was probably my official epiphany on how  Mental Health was a different beast. One that definitely would have to be on the agenda and dealt with this lifetime. 

Two years of therapy later, ‘Nobody Here’ was ready to share with the world.‘’ 

‘Nobody Here’ is EveryNowHere aka T.L. Mazumdar’s 4th single and a deeply personal account of his journey with confronting mental health head-on and an artists attempt to address the connotations, stigma and significance of the same.